Commit 1a28a782 authored by Alexandre Savard's avatar Alexandre Savard
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#9902: Log failure cause when new outgoing call fail

parent e658638d
......@@ -1027,31 +1027,44 @@ SIPVoIPLink::SIPStartCall(SIPCall *call)
pjsip_dialog *dialog = NULL;
if (pjsip_dlg_create_uac(pjsip_ua_instance(), &pjFrom, &pjContact, &pjTo, NULL, &dialog) != PJ_SUCCESS)
if (pjsip_dlg_create_uac(pjsip_ua_instance(), &pjFrom, &pjContact, &pjTo, NULL, &dialog) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("UserAgent: Unable to sip create dialogs for user agent client");
return false;
if (pjsip_inv_create_uac(dialog, call->getLocalSDP()->getLocalSdpSession(), 0, &call->inv) != PJ_SUCCESS)
if (pjsip_inv_create_uac(dialog, call->getLocalSDP()->getLocalSdpSession(), 0, &call->inv) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("UserAgent: Unable to create invite session for user agent client");
return false;
if (not account->getServiceRoute().empty())
pjsip_dlg_set_route_set(dialog, sip_utils::createRouteSet(account->getServiceRoute(), call->inv->pool));
pjsip_auth_clt_set_credentials(&dialog->auth_sess, account->getCredentialCount(), account->getCredInfo());
if (pjsip_auth_clt_set_credentials(&dialog->auth_sess, account->getCredentialCount(), account->getCredInfo()) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("UserAgent: Could not initiaize credential for invite session authentication");
return false;
call->inv->mod_data[] = call;
pjsip_tx_data *tdata;
if (pjsip_inv_invite(call->inv, &tdata) != PJ_SUCCESS)
if (pjsip_inv_invite(call->inv, &tdata) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("UserAgent: Could not initialize invite messager for this call");
return false;
pjsip_tpselector *tp = sipTransport.initTransportSelector(account->transport_, call->inv->pool);
if (pjsip_dlg_set_transport(dialog, tp) != PJ_SUCCESS)
if (pjsip_dlg_set_transport(dialog, tp) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("UserAgent: Unable to associate transport fir invite session dialog");
return false;
if (pjsip_inv_send_msg(call->inv, tdata) != PJ_SUCCESS)
if (pjsip_inv_send_msg(call->inv, tdata) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("UserAgent: Unable to send invite message for this call");
return false;
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