Commit 2ac8eca5 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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* #9911: sipvoiplink: fixed "unused variable" warning

parent 2cbee41e
......@@ -515,9 +515,6 @@ void SIPVoIPLink::sendRegister(Account *a)
std::string contact(account->getContactHeader());
pj_str_t pjContact = pj_str((char*) contact.c_str());
std::string received(account->getReceivedParameter());
pj_str_t pjReceived = pj_str((char *) received.c_str());
if (pjsip_regc_init(regc, &pjSrv, &pjFrom, &pjFrom, 1, &pjContact, account->getRegistrationExpire()) != PJ_SUCCESS)
throw VoipLinkException("Unable to initialize account registration structure");
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