Commit 2e428e1d authored by Guillaume Carmel-Archambault's avatar Guillaume Carmel-Archambault
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GTK Bugfix dbus codec function name

parent 20b7a67f
......@@ -56,8 +56,8 @@ void dbus_set_default_account(gchar * accountID);
gchar** dbus_codec_list();
gchar** dbus_codec_details(int payload);
gchar** dbus_default_codec_list();
void set_active_codec_list( const gchar** list );
gchar** get_active_codec_list( void );
void dbus_set_active_codec_list( const gchar** list );
gchar** dbus_get_active_codec_list( void );
/* Instance */
void dbus_register( int pid, gchar * name);
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