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2008-03-18 Emmanuel Milou
* GTK client
* ALSA implementation instead of Portaudio
* DMIX support - Pulse audio not functional
* Dynamic loading of audio codecs
* IAX / SIP support
* Many portions of code and debugging
2007-08-15 Pierre-Luc Beaudoin
* GTK Client
* IAX2 / SIP support
* Many portions of code and debugging
2006-12-07 Yan Morin
SFLphoned (0.7.0) / 2006-..-..
SFLphoned (0.7.0) / 2006-...
* adding reload (sound driver) button
* fix: peer hangup remove flashing buttons
* removing old packaging stuff like FIXME or
For project core:
Management Config like about:config in Mozilla
Add IAX support
Management of exceptions
Remove all warnings in compilation
Improvement of STUN (done?)
Better handling for an reINVITE request. (done?)
Management of account (add, remove, ...) (done?)
For project dependencies:
Improve the autotools scripts of PortAudioCpp
For sflphone-qt:
Save account status if modified in configuration
- sflphoned don't return any result at the second time getcallstatus is called.
- sflphoned don't return a 206 on getcallstatus when one call is ringing.
- unhold should not return an error if it's not holded
- Check if the device as the same name (usb), not only the number
......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ dnl What to generate
dnl AC_CONFIG_FILES([stamp-h], [echo timestamp > stamp-h])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([libs/Makefile \
libs/taxidermy/Makefile \
libs/stund/Makefile \
libs/utilspp/Makefile \
libs/utilspp/functor/Makefile \
qtdir = taxidermy
qtdir =
SUBDIRS = stund $(qtdir) utilspp
SUBDIRS = stund utilspp
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