Commit 3be76947 authored by Alexandre Savard's avatar Alexandre Savard
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[#2209] Change frameSize speex 32kHz

parent c8293ff1
......@@ -80,10 +80,10 @@ class Speex : public AudioCodec
speex_encoder_ctl (_speex_enc_state, SPEEX_SET_COMPLEXITY, &complex);
// Init the decoder struct
speex_decoder_ctl (_speex_dec_state, SPEEX_GET_FRAME_SIZE, &_speex_frame_size);
speex_decoder_ctl (_speex_dec_state, SPEEX_GET_FRAME_SIZE, &_frameSize);
// Init the preprocess struct
_preprocess_state = speex_preprocess_state_init (_speex_frame_size,_clockRate);
_preprocess_state = speex_preprocess_state_init (_frameSize,_clockRate);
speex_preprocess_ctl (_preprocess_state, SPEEX_PREPROCESS_SET_DENOISE, &enable);
speex_preprocess_ctl (_preprocess_state, SPEEX_PREPROCESS_SET_NOISE_SUPPRESS, &attenuation);
speex_preprocess_ctl (_preprocess_state, SPEEX_PREPROCESS_SET_VAD, &enable);
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