Commit 476d255b authored by Alexandre Savard's avatar Alexandre Savard
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[#2450] Fix incoming call already in conference crash

parent b818d642
......@@ -447,6 +447,7 @@ ManagerImpl::hangupCall (const CallID& call_id)
processRemainingParticipant (current_call_id, conf);
} else {
// we are not participating to a conference, current call switched to ""
if (!isConference (current_call_id))
......@@ -1948,20 +1949,35 @@ ManagerImpl::callBusy (const CallID& id)
ManagerImpl::callFailure (const CallID& id)
ManagerImpl::callFailure (const CallID& call_id)
if (_dbus) _dbus->getCallManager()->callStateChanged (id, "FAILURE");
_debug ("CALL ID = %s\n" , id.c_str());
if (_dbus) _dbus->getCallManager()->callStateChanged (call_id, "FAILURE");
if (isCurrentCall (id)) {
if (isCurrentCall (call_id)) {
playATone (Tone::TONE_BUSY);
switchCall ("");
removeCallAccount (id);
CallID current_call_id = getCurrentCallId();
removeWaitingCall (id);
if (participToConference (call_id)) {
_debug("Call %s participating to a conference failed\n", call_id.c_str());
Conference *conf = getConferenceFromCallID (call_id);
if (conf != NULL) {
// remove this participant
removeParticipant (call_id);
processRemainingParticipant (current_call_id, conf);
removeCallAccount (call_id);
removeWaitingCall (call_id);
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