Commit 7e15841b authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin
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conversationrepository: fix pointer check

Change-Id: I0f0a926996d34ae22051f0247e36575ab755d0ba
parent 04ec59a1
......@@ -1101,10 +1101,12 @@ ConversationRepository::Impl::isValidUserAtCommit(const std::string& userDevice,
const std::string& commitId) const
auto cert = tls::CertificateStore::instance().getCertificate(userDevice);
if (not cert)
return false;
auto userUri = cert->getIssuerUID();
auto parentCrt = tls::CertificateStore::instance().getCertificate(userUri);
auto repo = repository();
if (!cert || !parentCrt || !repo)
if (not parentCrt or not repo)
return false;
// Retrieve tree for commit
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