Commit 86a21e06 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin
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sipvoiplink: do not lock callMutex_ from pjsip's callback

This logic was added via 9d9a6b3d,
but this will give potential deadlocks, because pj's group lock
will be locked at this point. So we will have:
and other methods like SIPCall::hangup will try to lock:
causing a deadlock.

The original issue was adding this line due to a use after free,
however since then we fixed the ref counter of inv, so it should
be a valid fix.

Change-Id: I2fdc236ca63487634ebf2659ecdebb8e0c3234fe
GitLab: #586
parent 5cfa50f7
......@@ -966,9 +966,6 @@ invite_session_state_changed_cb(pjsip_inv_session* inv, pjsip_event* ev)
// Reset the invite here as it must not be used on
// a non existing link and removeCall can take time to be called
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