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Compiling warning fix

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......@@ -58,7 +58,6 @@ taxidermy::QWidgetBuilder::load(const QMap< QString, QString > &values)
mBackgroundImage = qtutils::transparize(*bimage);
else {
std::cout << *bimage << " is not trans\n";
qtutils::retreive(*bimage, mBackgroundImage);
You can specify many kinds of options for a QWidget:
Position: there's two options for the position of a widget:
- x: the x position of the widget, relative to the parent.
- y: the y position of the widget, relative to the parent.
You need to specify both of them in order to be valid.
Size: you can specify the size of a widget with thow option:
- height: the height of a widget.
- width: the width of a widget.
You need to specify both of them in order to be valid.
Background: You can specifiy background's color or a pixmap to be the
background of an image. There's three options that manages the background:
- bImage: the pixmap name to be used.
- tranparent: if the pixmap has an alpha buffer, the label will use the pixmap mask.
This is the default option.
- force_transparent: If this is specified it will try to use the alpha buffer, if
there's no alpha buffer, it will create a heuristic mask.
- bColor: the color of the background.
bImage has a higher priority over bColor. It means that if you specify
both attributes, the bImage will be used. However, if the image is not
valid, the color will be used.
If you specifiy an image for background the widget will be resized to the
size of the image. If you specify the size with an image, the size of the
image will be used instead of the image.
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ namespace utilspp
NonCopyable(const NonCopyable& r)
NonCopyable(const NonCopyable&)
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