Commit 910a75f5 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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gnome: use proper API to set GTK_CAN_FOCUS

parent 71842380
......@@ -446,11 +446,6 @@ calltree_display_call_info (callable_obj_t * c, CallDisplayType display_type, co
return msg;
* Reset call tree
calltree_reset (calltab_t* tab)
......@@ -489,8 +484,8 @@ calltree_create (calltab_t* tab, gboolean searchbar_type)
G_CALLBACK (row_activated),
gtk_widget_grab_focus (GTK_WIDGET (calltree_sw));
gtk_widget_set_can_focus (calltree_sw, TRUE);
gtk_widget_grab_focus (calltree_sw);
g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (tab->view), "cursor-changed",
G_CALLBACK (row_single_click),
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