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Goals draft for upcoming releases

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//AsciiDoc file
- Functioning IAX transport
- New Gtk GUI
- Perfect audio
- Multiple-client connectivity
SFLphone aims to provide an easy to use, feature full, standard compliant, VoIP software client.
Goals for next release (0.8)
- Server side:
* Functioning IAX transport
* Neer perfect audio
* Multiple-client (UI or other) connectivity to server
- New Gtk+ GUI with following functionnality (altough the server can do more):
* User can place a call
* User can answer a call
* User can transfert a call
* User can have an unlimited number of calls
* User can put a call on hold and off hold
* User is informed of waiting voice mail
* User can set up new SIP/IAX accounts
* User can edit current accounts
* User can delete accounts
* User can adjust speaker and microphone volume
* All instances of the UI must stay in sink
Goals for release 0.8.5
- Server side:
* Perfect audio
* Better error handling of failed account register
* Actual working multiple account functionnality
- Gtk+ GUI updates
* User can set up audio parameters
* User can set up STUN and proxy settings for SIP accounts
* User can choose a ringtone theme
* User can set up locale settings
* Desktop notification of events
* User can choose an account to place a call
Goals for release 0.9
- Server side:
* Contacts management (LDAP)
* Call history
* SMS sending
* Status (DND, Available, ...)
- Gtk+ GUI updates
* User can receive and send SMS messages
* User is informed of call duration
* User can set up speel call buttons
* User can consult/clear call history
* User can set a status
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