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January 2008:: Partnership with *Ecole Polytechique* of Montreal to implement video calls and video conference.
January 2008:: Partnership with *Polytechnic School* of Montreal to implement video calls and video conference. Read sflsite:SFLvideo[here].
December 2007:: Upcoming release 0.8.0. See the last sflsite:screenshots[].
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A working partnership between SavoirFaire-Linux and Polytechnic school of Montreal will begin in January 2008.
5 students of Polytechnic school will work part-time on the project.
- The main goal of this partnership is to implement a video layer in SFLphone to allow video calls and video conferencing. It is an interesting challenge because videoconference is not much implemented in softphones yet. The first step consists in implementing peer-to-peer video calls.
- This is how the application should behave on a client side:
* The user open a multimedia session with an other client (SIP protocol)
* Local video capture (video4linux2 driver) is compressed and shipped through RTP packets.
* In the same time, the incoming video stream (in RTP packets also) is decompressed and displayed.
* The visualization framework should be flexible ans should allow user parametrization. 3D API OpenGL should be used.
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