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// AsciiDoc file
Build notes
If you don't have `libiax2` installed (check version in
sflink:Dependencies[the dependencies]), go to the `libs` directory, and run:
cd libiax2
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
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// AsciiDoc file
Debugging techniques for SFLphone
Listening protocol using `tcpdump`:
// AsciiDoc file
Dependencies to compile SFLphone daemon
Program Version Links
libiax2 0.2.3[svn repos]
Common C++2 1.3.21[website]
ccRTP 1.3.5[website]
libeXosip2 ** 2.2.2[website]
libosip2 2.2.2[website]
portaudio v19[website]
portaudio C++ binds.[archive]
libsamplerate 0.1.2[website]
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\[partial\]\s*(.*)$=<span style="color: orange">partially done \1<span>
\[not\s?tested\]\s*(.*)$=<span style="color: orange">not tested \1<span>
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