Commit ad01a6bc authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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* #7101: gnome: fixed crasher on conference hangup

Was due to incorrect conditional path before recursive call
parent 8dee3ca3
......@@ -1137,11 +1137,10 @@ void calltree_remove_conference_recursive(calltab_t* tab, const conference_obj_t
for (int i = 0; i < nbChildren; i++) {
GtkTreeIter iter_parent;
/* if the nth child of parent has one or more children */
if (gtk_tree_model_iter_nth_child(model, &iter_parent, parent, i) &&
gtk_tree_model_iter_has_child(model, &iter_parent)) {
if (gtk_tree_model_iter_nth_child(model, &iter_parent, parent, i)) {
calltree_remove_conference_recursive(tab, conf, &iter_parent);
if (gtk_tree_model_iter_has_child(model, &iter_parent))
calltree_remove_conference_recursive(tab, conf, &iter_parent);
GValue confval;
confval.g_type = 0;
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