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A simple howto to build debian package

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***************************** HOW_TO DEBIAN PACKAGE ********************************
This document aims at explaining how to build a binary debian package.
- Identify the dependencies at the runtime. You can describe them in the control file.
- Build the directory tree
| |
\|/ \|/
- Write the control file in the DEBIAN directory (you must have at least this one file), and prerm, postinst scripts,..
- Describe the files you need in the package, that is the files you need to make run the program (executables, libraries), docs, images, etc... and where you need it. For instance, the binary executables should be in /usr/bin, images in /usr/share, ...
- Build the debian package:
dpkg --build packagename packagename.deb .
Note: Be careful to debian package naming conventions (packagename_version_arch.deb)
- Install the package:
dpkg --install packagename.deb (as a root)
If the dependant packages are not automatically configured, launch sudo apt-get -f install. It will configure the package you need to make run the application.
Note: The graphical interface of the debian package manager does configures the missing dependant packages automatically.
- To remove the package, run : dpkg --remove packagename (must be root)
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