Commit cb9ea906 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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* #5884: don't mess with pjsip threads in echo suppressor

Seems to fix all SIP problems on Manu's desktop

Also destroy resources allocated
parent d3d74da0
......@@ -17,21 +17,13 @@
EchoSuppress::EchoSuppress(pj_pool_t *pool)
pj_thread_desc aPJThreadDesc;
pj_thread_t *pjThread;
if (pj_thread_register("EchoCanceller", aPJThreadDesc, &pjThread) != PJ_SUCCESS)
_error("EchoCancel: Error: Could not register new thread");
if (!pj_thread_is_registered())
_warn("EchoCancel: Thread not registered...");
if (pjmedia_echo_create(pool, 8000, SAMPLES_PER_FRAME, 250, 0, PJMEDIA_ECHO_SIMPLE, &echoState) != PJ_SUCCESS)
throw std::runtime_error("EchoCancel: Error: Could not create echo canceller");
void EchoSuppress::putData (SFLDataFormat *inputData, int samples)
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