Commit d6488379 authored by Alexandre Savard's avatar Alexandre Savard
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[#3233] Send conferenceChange dbus signal when participant is removed

parent 1379f0ab
......@@ -1202,15 +1202,18 @@ void ManagerImpl::removeParticipant (const CallID& call_id) {
ConferenceMap::iterator iter = conf_map.find(call->getConfId());
if (iter == conf_map.end()) {
_debug (" no conference created, cannot remove participant ");
_debug ("Manager: Error: No conference created, cannot remove participant");
} else {
conf = iter->second;
_debug (" removeParticipant %s", call_id.c_str());
_debug ("Manager: Remove participant %s", call_id.c_str());
if (_audiodriver)
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