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......@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@
* as that of the covered work.
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
/** @file accountlist.h
......@@ -91,20 +91,20 @@ typedef struct {
* This function initialize the account list.
void account_list_init ();
void account_list_init();
* This function append an account to list.
* @param a The account you want to add
void account_list_add (account_t * a);
void account_list_add(account_t * a);
* Return the first account that corresponds to the state
* @param state The state
* @return account_t* An account or NULL
account_t * account_list_get_by_state (account_state_t state);
account_t * account_list_get_by_state(account_state_t state);
* @return guint The number of registered accounts in the list
......@@ -115,14 +115,14 @@ guint account_list_get_registered_accounts();
* Return the number of accounts in the list
* @return guint The number of accounts in the list
guint account_list_get_size ();
guint account_list_get_size();
* Return the account at the nth position in the list
* @param n The position of the account you want
* @return An account or NULL
account_t * account_list_get_nth (guint n);
account_t * account_list_get_nth(guint n);
* Return the current account struct
......@@ -134,54 +134,54 @@ account_t * account_list_get_current();
* This function sets an account as the current one
* @param current the account you want to set as current
void account_list_set_current (account_t *current);
void account_list_set_current(account_t *current);
* This function maps account_state_t enums to a description.
* @param s The state
* @return The full text description of the state
const gchar * account_state_name (account_state_t s);
const gchar * account_state_name(account_state_t s);
* This function frees the list
void account_list_free ();
void account_list_free();
* Return the account associated with an ID
* @param accountID The ID of the account
* @return An account or NULL
account_t * account_list_get_by_id (const gchar * const accountID);
account_t * account_list_get_by_id(const gchar * const accountID);
* Move the account from an unit up in the account_list
* @param index The current index in the list
void account_list_move_up (guint index);
void account_list_move_up(guint index);
* Move the account from an unit down in the account_list
* @param index The current index in the list
void account_list_move_down (guint index);
void account_list_move_down(guint index);
* Return the ID of the current default account
* @return gchar* The id
const gchar* account_list_get_current_id (void);
const gchar* account_list_get_current_id(void);
gchar * account_list_get_ordered_list (void);
gchar * account_list_get_ordered_list(void);
gboolean current_account_has_mailbox (void);
gboolean current_account_has_mailbox(void);
guint current_account_get_message_number (void);
guint current_account_get_message_number(void);
void current_account_set_message_number (guint nb);
void current_account_set_message_number(guint nb);
gboolean current_account_has_new_message (void);
gboolean current_account_has_new_message(void);
gboolean account_is_IP2IP(const account_t *account);
gboolean account_is_SIP(const account_t *account);
......@@ -197,4 +197,4 @@ void account_insert(account_t *account, const gchar *key, const gchar *value);
gpointer account_lookup(const account_t *account, gconstpointer key);
void account_list_remove(const gchar *accountID);
#endif // ACCOUNTLIST_H_
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