Commit dcff71a5 authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud
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jamiaccount: disable peer discovery by default

Change-Id: I533b47960993953a9f0e7ab99aaef601d9085434
parent f9b9b116
......@@ -2168,19 +2168,20 @@ JamiAccount::doRegister_()
config.peer_discovery = dhtPeerDiscovery_;
config.peer_publish = dhtPeerDiscovery_;
if (not config.proxy_server.empty())
JAMI_WARN("[Account %s] using proxy server %s", getAccountID().c_str(), config.proxy_server.c_str());
JAMI_INFO("[Account %s] using proxy server %s", getAccountID().c_str(), config.proxy_server.c_str());
if (not deviceKey_.empty()) {
JAMI_WARN("[Account %s] using push notifications", getAccountID().c_str());
JAMI_INFO("[Account %s] using push notifications", getAccountID().c_str());
//check if dht peer service is enabled
if(accountPeerDiscovery_ || accountPublish_){
if (accountPeerDiscovery_ or accountPublish_) {
peerDiscovery_ = std::make_shared<dht::PeerDiscovery>();
JAMI_INFO("Start Jami account discovering.....");
if(accountPeerDiscovery_) {
JAMI_INFO("[Account %s] starting Jami account discovery...", getAccountID().c_str());
......@@ -701,7 +701,7 @@ class JamiAccount : public SIPAccountBase {
std::shared_ptr<dht::PeerDiscovery> peerDiscovery_;
std::map<dht::InfoHash, DiscoveredPeer> discoveredPeers_;
std::map<std::string, std::string> discoveredPeerMap_;
bool accountPeerDiscovery_ {true};
bool accountPeerDiscovery_ {false};
bool accountPublish_ {false};
std::shared_ptr<RepeatedTask> eventHandler {};
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