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sflphone (0.9.3-0ubuntu3) %system%; urgency=low
[ Alexandre Savard ]
* Both playback and record streams in PA_STREAM_CORKED (pulseaudio)
* Use PLUGHW device for ALSA capture
* Functional IAX and SIP recording for voicemail
* Use the less CPU-consuming interpolator algorithm for resampling
* Display in GTK GUI the codec used in conversation
* GTK GUI use ASCII instread of utf-8
* Add record menus in GTK GUI
* Put on hold when dialing a new number
* AccountID's are saved in the history
[ Emmanuel Milou ]
* Integrate DBUS C++, libiax2 in the git repository
* Update website
* Use libspeexdsp only if available on the system
* Updated .gitignore file
[Cyrille Béraud]
* Account assistant manager improvment
* Add an email request when creating a new account to receive voicemails
-- Emmanuel Milou <> Sat, 14 Feb 2009 13:29:15 -0500
sflphone (0.9.3-0ubuntu2) %system%; urgency=low
[ Emmanuel Milou ]
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