Commit fb05a8d5 authored by Olivier Dion's avatar Olivier Dion Committed by Adrien Béraud
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fuzzing: Add GDB script

Change-Id: Ia9ce297062ac28dcf7f03ee28247cad4411d1b0f
parent ba27341e
# Run in RAM - Don't fill my disk!
set environment XDG_DATA_HOME=/tmp/jami
set environment XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/tmp/jami
set environment XDG_CACHE_HOME=/tmp/jami
# Get full backtrace on any error detected
set environment UBSAN_OPTIONS=print_stacktrace=1:halt_on_error=1
set environment ASAN_OPTIONS=print_stacktrace=1:halt_on_error=1
# All TLS conversation to out and stop if log level over critical
set environment SUPERVISOR_TLS_OUT=out
set environment SUPERVISOR_LOG=CRIT
# Break on any error repport by ASAN or if sanitizer die
break __asan::ReportGenericError
break __sanitizer::Die
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