Commit f56f7e2a authored by Larbi Gharib's avatar Larbi Gharib
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Fixed private key in refresh certificate mechanism

Change-Id: I194b035966cf9bd0b8eeadf38dac99304b11d607
parent 13c5d423
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ public class RegisterUserFlow {
//Didn't exactly plan on this happening here, but this is the only place we actually need it.
//Given an interface of NameServer, we need to enroll the user or decline the enrollement before
//Given an interface of NameServer, we need to enroll the user or decline the enrollment before
//storing him
NameRegistrationRequest nameRegistrationRequest = new NameRegistrationRequest();
......@@ -69,11 +69,9 @@ public class RegisterDeviceFlow {
// Renew user certificate if expired with same private key
if(!user.getCertificate().getNotAfter().after(new Date())) {
user.setX509Fields(new X509Fields());
user = UserAuthenticationModule.certificateAuthority.getSignedCertificate(user);
if(user.getCertificate().getNotAfter().after(new Date())) {
user = UserAuthenticationModule.certificateAuthority.getRefreshedCertificate(user);
Device device = new Device();
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