Commit 99aece5b authored by Ming Rui Zhang's avatar Ming Rui Zhang Committed by Sébastien Blin
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contactmodel: fix the issue when user doing search using ring Id

- when user have the contact in the list and search its ring id,
  both the contact in list and temporary contact will be found,
  when user add the temporary contact, original contact will be replaced.
- this patch fix that issue

Change-Id: Ib756e350d6980d8d198adf30d1e903ae97edc506
parent f934e02f
......@@ -392,6 +392,11 @@ ContactModelPimpl::searchRingContact(const URI& query)
std::string uriID = query.format(URI::Section::USER_INFO | URI::Section::HOSTNAME | URI::Section::PORT).toStdString();
if (query.protocolHint() == URI::ProtocolHint::RING) {
// no lookup, this is a ring infoHash
for (auto &i : contacts) {
if (i.second.profileInfo.uri == uriID) {
auto& temporaryContact = contacts[""];
temporaryContact.profileInfo.uri = uriID;
temporaryContact.profileInfo.alias = uriID;
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