Commit bb8a5e1a authored by Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk
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SIP calls: allow incoming from untrusted peers

Change-Id: Ibed85b8d12d7ab14f062c07313a86a0a684b1534
parent ff082587
......@@ -654,7 +654,7 @@ NewCallModelPimpl::slotIncomingCall(const std::string& accountId, const std::str
callInfo->isAudioOnly = callDetails["AUDIO_ONLY"] == "true" ? true : false;
calls.emplace(callId, std::move(callInfo));
if (!linked.owner.confProperties.allowIncoming) {
if (!linked.owner.confProperties.allowIncoming && linked.owner.profileInfo.type == profile::Type::RING) {
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