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    SDK: Scripts to generate plugin's skeleton code · 1e7736cc
    Aline Gondim Santos authored
    - create plugin folder structure
    - manifest.json + icon.png
    - copyright header
    - main.cpp
    - choose number of functionalities and the api to each one of them
    - create src files for each functionality (APIs skeleton .h and .cpp)
    - create preferences.json
    - put colors into prints and clear outputs when needed
    - modify src files to set preferences code
    - create pakage.json
    - add helper files
    - use library Cmd
    - reorganize functions into classes define inherits stack
    - add GNU GPL to python files
    - jpl merge function
    - pre and post assembles
    - default options plugin build
    - windows build with
    - add build option for windows build
    - generate base CMakeLists.txt and
    Change-Id: Id8eb5a97fa7a51e99a0f9215835c3d5ffea630ad
    GitLab: #2