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    docker: Allow interrupting packaging jobs with C-c. · 420b205d
    Maxim Cournoyer authored
    Use the recommended exec syntax for the CMD directive in the
    Dockerfiles, which invokes the command directly rather than through an
    intermediate shell.  Also provide the -i option, but conditionally as
    Docker checks if there is a real TTY to connect to, which is not the
    case in Jenkins.
    * scripts/make-packaging-target.py (PACKAGE_*_DOCKER_RUN_COMMAND)
    [IS_SHELL_INTERACTIVE]: Conditionally provide the '-i' option.
    (package-*-interactive) <DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGS>: Remove target-specific variable.
    (DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGS): Move/rename variable to ...
    * Makefile (DOCKER_RUN_EXTRA_ARGS): ... here/this.
    (IS_SHELL_INTERACTIVE): New variable.
    The rest of this change was automated using the command:
      $ git grep -l CMD | xargs sed -i -E 's,CMD (.*)$,CMD ["\1"],g'
    Change-Id: I93ba9ad8115541a7c7f02421384ae01a5b0650ad