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    Add Debian and Ubuntu packaging · f89d706d
    aviau authored
    This moves the official Debian packaging into ring-project. Jenkins
    should now be able to run packaging jobs and publish packages. It
    should also make it easy to add a `verify` check on Jenkins to test
    packaging patches.
    This will make it much easier to work on packaging issues because the
    build environment is now reproductible on any machine.
    The patch adds Makefile targets to create packages such as:
     - package-all
     - package-<DISTRO>
    Builds are all done inside Docker containers and it is possible to
    build many at a time with the `package-all` target.
    To debug a build, use `package-<DISTRO>-interactive` to obtain a shell
    inside a container, ready to launch a build.
    Tuleap: #781
    Change-Id: Id87a74a6c412ffc5bf82b9562639ce5a9424b06a