Commit 0d1a2e09 authored by Loïc Siret's avatar Loïc Siret Committed by gerrit2
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compilation: force sharedLib for OSX

OSX need Shared Library to compile the daemon. This patch ensure
that we didn't disable them on compilation.

Change-Id: Iedc37da7980599f2011e9501df0e4b087a0d7d0f
parent b1a7daf8
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Build and install to a local prefix under this repository.
export OSTYPE
# Flags:
......@@ -64,10 +65,16 @@ cd native
cd "${DAEMON}"
#keep shared Lib on MAC OSX
if [[ "$OSTYPE" != "darwin"* ]]; then
if $global; then
./configure --disable-shared $CONFIGURE_FLAGS
./configure $sharedLib $CONFIGURE_FLAGS
./configure --disable-shared $CONFIGURE_FLAGS --prefix="${INSTALL}/daemon"
./configure $sharedLib $CONFIGURE_FLAGS --prefix="${INSTALL}/daemon"
make -j${proc}
make_install $global
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