Commit 0fcaed39 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin Committed by Philippe Gorley
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make-ring: fix typo for archlinux

Change-Id: Ie471181689830d72f2e3f390a2583671878ff121
Gitlab: #548

Reviewed-by: Philippe Gorley's avatarPhilippe Gorley <>
parent f6d81fff
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ PACMAN_DEPENDENCIES = [
'expat', 'gtk3', 'jack', 'libnotify', 'opus', 'pcre', 'libpulse',
'speex', 'speexdsp', 'libtool', 'libupnp', 'yaml-cpp', 'qt5-base',
'swig', 'yasm', 'qrencode', 'make', 'patch', 'pkg-config',
'automake', 'libva', 'webkit2gtk', 'libnm', 'libvdpau', 'libcanbera', 'openssl'
'automake', 'libva', 'webkit2gtk', 'libnm', 'libvdpau', 'libcanberra', 'openssl'
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