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docker: document image creation process

Create docker/, which documents the use of the docker/
folder. This will make it easier to find documentation on how the docker
images are built. This guide was originally found on the docker hub page
of savoirfairelinux/ring-ubuntu32 and was not under source control.

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# Packaging dockerfiles
This folder contains Dockerfiles for building Ring. They are used by
Makefile.packaging, at the root of this repository
## 32bit images
Some of the Dockerfiles refer to 32bit images in the savoirfairelinux docker
hub organization. These images are generated with the following method:
### Debian/Ubuntu
- Download 32bit system iso or image
- Install the system in a container or virtual magine
- Run the following commands from the system:
* `apt update`
* `apt upgrade`
* `apt install git debootstrap`
* `git clone`
* `./moby/contrib/ -t savoirfairelinux/<distro>32:<distroversion> debootstrap --variant=minbase --arch=i386 <codename>`
* `docker login`
* `docker push savoirfairelinux/<distro>32:<distroversion>`
### Fedora
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