Unverified Commit 6016ac10 authored by Amin Bandali's avatar Amin Bandali
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gitmodules: update submodule urls to match new repository names

The repositories were renamed on review.jami.net recently.

Change-Id: I094e83a51cd507f3e03fdf3ca5a77203509a8afc
parent f1147159
[submodule "client-android"]
path = client-android
url = https://review.jami.net/ring-client-android
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-client-android
[submodule "client-gnome"]
path = client-gnome
url = https://review.jami.net/ring-client-gnome
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-client-gnome
[submodule "daemon"]
path = daemon
url = https://review.jami.net/ring-daemon
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-daemon
[submodule "lrc"]
path = lrc
url = https://review.jami.net/ring-lrc
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-libclient
[submodule "client-macosx"]
path = client-macosx
url = https://review.jami.net/ring-client-macosx
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-client-macos
[submodule "client-ios"]
path = client-ios
url = https://review.jami.net/ring-client-ios
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-client-ios
[submodule "client-uwp"]
path = client-uwp
url = https://review.jami.net/ring-client-uwp
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-client-uwp
[submodule "client-qt"]
path = client-qt
url = https://review.jami.net/jami-client-qt
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