Commit 81e420a4 authored by Edric Milaret's avatar Edric Milaret Committed by Guillaume Roguez
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git: add ring-client-ios submodule

[Guillaume R.: modified ci msg title for the precision sake]

Change-Id: I519ef02e2243eaeae296b58587ddd0fef429d481
Tuleap: #313

Signed-off-by: Guillaume Roguez's avatarGuillaume Roguez <>
parent bf369005
......@@ -16,3 +16,6 @@
[submodule "client-macosx"]
path = client-macosx
url =
[submodule "client-ios"]
path = client-ios
url =
client-ios @ a68931d4
Subproject commit a68931d4c1281c74c86d43a60714fc06a87fb010
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