Commit b26f855b authored by Eden Abitbol's avatar Eden Abitbol Committed by Adrien Béraud
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upnp: Use libupnp version 1.8

make-ring script now tries to download upnp version 1.8 instead
of 1.6

Change-Id: Ie12a4d76f6d29279d412c33b63e1bf02ef280f13
parent f523998e
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ APT_DEPENDENCIES = [
'libgtk-3-dev', 'libjack-dev', 'libnotify-dev',
'libopus-dev', 'libpcre3-dev', 'libpulse-dev', 'libssl-dev',
'libspeex-dev', 'libspeexdsp-dev', 'libswscale-dev', 'libtool',
'libudev-dev', 'libupnp-dev', 'libyaml-cpp-dev', 'qtbase5-dev', 'libqt5sql5-sqlite', 'sip-tester', 'swig',
'libudev-dev', 'libupnp1.8-dev', 'libyaml-cpp-dev', 'qtbase5-dev', 'libqt5sql5-sqlite', 'sip-tester', 'swig',
'uuid-dev', 'yasm', 'libqrencode-dev', 'libjsoncpp-dev', 'libappindicator3-dev',
'libva-dev', 'libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev', 'libnm-dev', 'libvdpau-dev', 'libmsgpack-dev', 'libcanberra-gtk3-dev'
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