Commit bc7e2287 authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez auto-detection of submodule name

improve the script to automatically detect
all GIT submodule names and use it during --init operation.

Change-Id: Ib671569fed4b650c35cf4870eec9a7bfd1a42d1d
parent 74e16130
......@@ -231,10 +231,17 @@ def run_dependencies(args):
def run_init():
# Extract modules path from '.gitmodules' file
module_names = []
with open('.gitmodules') as fd:
for line in fd.readlines():
if line.startswith('[submodule "'):
os.system("git submodule update --init")
os.system("git submodule foreach 'git checkout master && git pull'")
for project in ["daemon", "lrc", "client-macosx", "client-gnome", "client-android", "client-ios"]:
copy_file("./scripts/commit-msg", ".git/modules/"+project+"/hooks")
for name in module_names:
copy_file("./scripts/commit-msg", ".git/modules/"+name+"/hooks")
def copy_file(src, dest):
print("Copying:" + src + " to " + dest)
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