Commit d5cb9994 authored by Kateryna Kostiuk's avatar Kateryna Kostiuk
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build: support x264 for x86

Support nasm assembler for macOS, as it is default assembler for x264

Change-Id: Id199164e9ee21c3d1b65bb32def4347b585135cd
parent 5a0016bf
......@@ -143,12 +143,12 @@ PACMAN_DEPENDENCIES = [
'autoconf', 'cmake', 'gettext', 'pkg-config', 'qt5',
'libtool', 'yasm', 'automake'
'libtool', 'yasm', 'nasm', 'automake'
'autoconf*', 'cmake*', 'gettext*', 'pkg-config*', 'qt*', 'qt@5.*',
'libtool*', 'yasm*', 'automake*', 'gnutls*', 'nettle*', 'msgpack*'
'libtool*', 'yasm*', 'nasm*', 'automake*', 'gnutls*', 'nettle*', 'msgpack*'
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