Unverified Commit e3315a75 authored by Maxim Cournoyer's avatar Maxim Cournoyer Committed by Maxim Cournoyer
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Jenkinsfile: Fix presentation of the 'Check configuration' stage.

* Jenkinsfile ('Check configuration'): Rewrite stage as a script.
This makes the stage show as passed instead of skip in Blue Ocean,
which is more accurate.

Change-Id: I5be0cdc0c918521c3580b60261b98b9dff804876
parent 2827b031
......@@ -73,10 +73,13 @@ pipeline {
stages {
stage('Check configuration') {
when { not { expression { fileExists TARBALLS } } }
steps {
error "The ${TARBALLS} directory does not exist. \
script {
if (!fileExists(TARBALLS)) {
error "The ${TARBALLS} directory does not exist. \
See https://wiki.savoirfairelinux.com/wiki/Jenkins.jami.net#Configuration"
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