Unverified Commit e98a5a26 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin
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packaging: fix opensuse-leap:15.1 build

Also remove some warnings in make-ring.py

Change-Id: I8fabab27a33e94a9a0eabcce4e22cdf760bc8e05
parent d69c0a6b
FROM opensuse/leap:15.2
FROM opensuse/leap:15.1
RUN zypper --non-interactive install dnf
RUN dnf clean all
RUN zypper --non-interactive lr
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ def run_powersell_cmd(cmd):
def write_qt_conf(path):
# Add a configuration that can be supplied to qmake
# e.g. `qmake -qt=5.15 [mode] [options] [files]`
if path is '':
if path == '':
with open('/usr/share/qtchooser/' + QT5_VERSION + '.conf', 'w+') as fd:
fd.write(path.rstrip('/') + '/bin\n')
......@@ -352,7 +352,7 @@ def run_install(args):
install_args += ("-c", "client-qt")
install_args += ("-q", QT5_VERSION)
if args.qt is '':
if args.qt == '':
install_args += ("-Q", DEFAULT_QT_PATH)
install_args += ("-Q", args.qt)
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