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      Makefile: Fix Guix-generated debian bundles (deb-packs). · 2d4f7bb6
      Maxim Cournoyer authored and Maxim Cournoyer's avatar Maxim Cournoyer committed
      * Makefile (SUPPORTED_GNU_ARCHS): Remove i686; qtbase 6 doesn't build
      for it.
      (output): Delete the store output after copying the archive, to avoid
      accumulating too much cruft under /gnu/store.
      * guix/guix-pack-manifest.scm: Adjust comment.  Rename "libring" to
      "libjami".  Delete libringclient related variables.  Rename jami-qt to
      (jami-with-certs): Express more concisely via G-Expressions and
      search-input-file or search-input-directory.
      Change-Id: I37f1482ed79599536fb42818ef32f4861a32c1da
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    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      build: Make sure the 'hooks' directory for each submodule exists · bfba7121
      Amin Bandali authored
      git-init may not create the hooks directory with the default sample
      hooks in some scenarios, for example if the user has set the
      init.templateDir configuration option in their global git config, and
      if that directory does not include a hooks subdirectory then no hooks
      directory will be created by git-init, including for clones and
      submodule initializations.
      Change-Id: I09ce586fd36d3db9224bbbeed5d7721d6635ea7b
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    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      build: drop vestigial 'supported Qt distro' check · c3cf4d59
      Amin Bandali authored
      This check was added in 5ec47bc3 about
      two years ago when client-qt was just beginning to be ported to
      GNU/Linux and could not be readily/easily built on GNU/Linux systems.
      This removal should also fix/avoid the recently-introduced logic bug
      that broke --distribution=android.
      Change-Id: Ia9ab9e37b9d9cfd2f7a2a57931bbd5bf6f4d56bb
  15. 23 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      packaging: Adapt to client-qt vendoring libjamiclient. · bd745f43
      Amin Bandali authored and Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud committed
      For both deb and rpm make jami-libclient a transitional package that
      does not have any dependencies and that the user can safely remove.
      The jami-libclient package can then be dropped later into the future;
      perhaps in a year or so from now.
      Change-Id: I53d7cb89a40282acec7b4b0aa7930b1a52835a1b
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  20. 18 May, 2022 2 commits
    • Tobias Hildebrandt's avatar
      build: add -y flag to build.py dependency install · 603e6149
      Tobias Hildebrandt authored and Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud committed
      disable -y by default
      Change-Id: I6befd8564fc4334dae398d32d54d3871bd19b717
    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      build: Update for Qt 6, add --no-webengine switch, add Parabola. · c26393df
      Amin Bandali authored
      * build.py (QT5_VERSION):
      (write_qt_conf): Remove (vestigial and not used anymore).
      (PACMAN_BASED_DISTROS): Add parabola.
      (OSX_DEPENDENCIES_UNLINK): Update dependency list for Qt 6, and move
      lrc dependencies into client dependency lists.
      (PACMAN_QT_WEBENGINE): Move Qt WebEngine pacakge(s) into separate
      list, so that they can be conditionally included or excluded.
      (run_dependencies): Install daemon dependencies earlier than and
      separately from lrc and client dependencies, mainly so that the
      installation of daemon dependencies could still succeed on distros
      that don't currently have Qt 6 packaged.
      (parse_args): Add new --gnome switch, only use client-gnome when
      this switch is given.  Add new --macos switch, only use client-macos
      when this switch is given.  Otherwise, default to using client-qt.
      Add new --no-webengine switch, disable using Qt WebEngine when this
      switch is given.  Remove vestigial --qtver switch not used anymore.
      Also, replace a few mentions of "Ring" with "Jami" in strings.
      (validate_args): Test for minimum version of Windows 10 and do not
      require an exact match/equality.
      * scripts/build-windows.py (build_lrc):
      (parsed_args): Remove vestigial and unneeded --qtver switch and its
      corresponding variable.  Both make-lrc.py and make-client.py scripts
      in their corresponding repositories have an up-to-date default Qt
      version number, and specifying the version from this script is both
      unnecessary and defeats their purpose.
      * scripts/install.sh (QT6_MIN_VER): Rename to QT_MIN_VER.
      (qt6ver): Remove, not used anymore.
      (qt6path): Rename to qtpath.
      (sys_qt6ver): Rename to sys_qtver.
      (installed_qt6ver): Rename to installed_qtver.
      (required_qt6ver): Rename to required_qtver.
      (enable_webengine): New variable for tracking whether or not to use
      Qt WebEngine.  Defaults to true.
      (getopts): Add w option; when given, set enable_webengine to false.
      (client_cmake_flags): Set -DWITH_WEBENGINE="${enable_webengine}".
      Note: as of the time of this commit, QLibraryInfo from the qt6-base
      package in Debian (and Ubuntu) currently has path issues and returns
      wrong paths, stemming from '/lib' being a symlink.  This leads to
      "Qt WebEngine resources not found" errors as the WebEngine tries to
      find its needed resources at a wrong location '/share/qt6/resources'.
      The issue has already been reported by others and a proposed patch to
      fix it by disabling Qt's relocatable feature is pending review:
      In the mean time, using './build.py --install --no-webengine' to build
      Jami without Qt WebEngine works.  Alternatively, using a custom build
      of Qt (such as our libqt-jami) that does not suffer from this issue
      would also work, using './build.py --install --qt=/usr/lib/libqt-jami'
      where '/usr/lib/libqt-jami' should be the prefix directory where the
      custom Qt build is installed.
      GitLab: #1434
      Change-Id: Ie053522de19b33871a1082ce46f3d36380a8b5aa
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    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      packaging: fix libclient dependency issues of deb packages · 030db788
      Amin Bandali authored
      Since for our deb packages all the binary packages share the same
      source package, and are built in the same environment, depending on
      the distro and dpkg tools versions, dpkg-shlibdeps might incorrectly
      add the wrong libclient package for either clients.  For example,
      have the jami-gnome package depend on both jami-libclient-gnome and
      jami-libclient; which is wrong, since jami-libclient-gnome and
      jami-libclient conflict with each other and cannot be installed
      simultaneously.  So, we instruct dpkg-shlibdeps to exclude the two
      libclient packages from ${shlibs:Depends}, which is fine because
      we already manually add the correct one to each client's Depends.
      Also, use the system libarchive-dev package for Ubuntu 18.04 as well;
      since like with Debian 10, building libarchive from daemon's contribs
      fails there too.
      GitLab: #1415
      Change-Id: I1c065a7fd3fc58324c7893d5d23039f2a5109931
  27. 17 Mar, 2022 3 commits
    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      packaging: use system libarchive on Debian 10 · 519e16a3
      Amin Bandali authored
      The bundled one from the daemon contribs does not build on Debian 10
      for some reason.
      Change-Id: Id6fbc1e09bdf2912663f78502b255e975aebec1a
    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      packaging: build bundled ffmpeg for libclient and client-qt · 2f1ebdd4
      Amin Bandali authored
      Recent libclient and client-qt use avframe from ffmpeg's libavutil.
      Change-Id: Ia860e374eb2b8d6c22a79ee0f5a22673a292bf19
    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      build: add separate lrc-gnome submodule for client-gnome · fd10998d
      Amin Bandali authored
      After the recent merge of the video renderer changes into lrc and
      client-qt, the build for client-gnome is currently broken because it
      has not yet been updated to follow the new API, a non-trivial task.
      Thus, we add a separate lrc-gnome submodule for use by client-gnome,
      as a temporary measure until the future vendoring of lrc into the two
      With this change, the users of the Qt client ('jami' package) would
      continue using 'jami-libclient' as a dependency, whereas for users of
      the GNOME client ('jami-gnome') they would install and use the new
      'jami-libclient-gnome' package.
      Change-Id: I6aacb6c495c9a2953c328f2e9bfe6acd2b8cc645
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