Commit 96c43005 authored by Stepan Salenikovich's avatar Stepan Salenikovich Committed by Guillaume Roguez
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gnome: fix video on slower machines

By lowering the priority of the g_timeout which draws new frames.

(cherry picked from commit 8934e84d)

Refs #71359
Change-Id: I6510a1946be995fdc5b57bfd228efa92f46f84bc
parent 35ade279
......@@ -216,8 +216,16 @@ video_widget_init(VideoWidget *self)
/* init frame queues and the timeout sources to check them */
priv->frame_timeout_source = g_timeout_add(FRAME_RATE_PERIOD, (GSourceFunc)check_frame_queue, self);
/* Init the timeout source which will check the for new frames.
* The priority must be lower than GTK drawing events
* (G_PRIORITY_HIGH_IDLE + 20) so that this timeout source doesn't choke
* the main loop on slower machines.
priv->frame_timeout_source = g_timeout_add_full(G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE,
/* handle button event */
g_signal_connect(GTK_WIDGET(self), "button-press-event", G_CALLBACK(on_button_press_in_screen_event), NULL);
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