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    #29579: video mixing implementation and conference fixes. · 475b8e52
    Guillaume Roguez authored
    - mixer rendering implemention
    => frame based (was per sources batch based)
    - add backward signaling to Observer/Obsevable classes
    => This help mixer to index sources for layout them.
    - mutex'ed frame publish (VideoGenerator).
    - sinks creation are now done at right places.
    => one per mixer (new), one per camera, one per stream reception.
    - VideoRTPSession is fully responsible to handle video pipeline,
    between RX/TS streams.
    => exhibit enterConference/exitConference to be aknowledged by upper layers.
    - VideoSendThread is not longer a «thread», renamed as VideoSender.
    - videoMixer_ is now a shared ptr in Conference objects.
    => getVideoMixer() return a rew shared_ptr also.
    - Conference is now responsible to trig video conference pipeline
    - std::this_thread::sleep_for() is not usable before GCC 4.1
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