Commit 4715b65f authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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* #28334: test: use vector<char> where contiguous character buffer access is assumed

parent dd96fce5
......@@ -80,12 +80,12 @@ void run_client()
// initialize destination string to 0's
std::string dest(sizeof(test_data), 0);
const std::string test_data_str(test_data, sizeof(test_data));
std::vector<char> dest(sizeof(test_data), 0);
const std::vector<char> test_data_str(test_data, test_data + sizeof(test_data));
assert(test_data_str.size() == 27);
assert(dest.size() == test_data_str.size());
while (not done and dest != test_data_str) {
src.render(&(*dest.begin()), dest.size());
src.render(, dest.size());
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