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      Ébauche des Goals · c402fc49
      Alexandre Bourget authored
      Faudra remplir ça les amis!
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      Remove the 'AUTO_REGISTER' parameter. Major clean-up of registration process. · 981ba725
      Alexandre Bourget authored
      Now, there should be only an 'Enabled' toggle for each account. It determines
      if the account is registered on start-up AND if it's enabled, generally.
      TODO: We'll need another parameter, to select which account is the one used
      to do calls. Anyways, it wasn't very convenient to use the 'First one enabled',
      since you'll often want multiple accounts enabled, and be able to select which
      account to use for an outgoing call.
      This commit updates the SFLphone daemon and the Gtk+ client.
      It removes a whole bunch of useless variables (_state, _shouldInitOnStart,
      _shouldRegisterOnStart, _registered). Now the registration state is fetched
      directly from the VoIPLink (when called from the Account). So, no more
      duplication of statuses.
      TODO: SFLphone-gtk will need to support the TRYING and ERROR messages as
      'Status' reply.
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      Major Account registration, state reporting, update. · ba1e6d86
      Alexandre Bourget authored
      * Renamed setRegister/setUnregister to sendRegister/sendUnregister, reflecting
        more precisely what the function does.
      * Renamed (un)registerAccount to (un)registerVoIPLink in account/iaxaccount/sipaccount
      * Renamed (un)registerVoIPLink to (un)registerAccount in managerimpl.cpp|h
      * Prepared the way for dynamic registration reporting (to the GUI). Now has
        more precise way to describe reg. state: Unregistered, Trying, Error, Registered
      * Delete `_link` on SIPAccount/IAXAccount destruction
      * All sync of the regist. state with the Manager, is now done in
      * Document all the way