1. 27 Oct, 2021 2 commits
    • Mohamed Chibani's avatar
      conference: enable/disable video according to account settings · 555445f3
      Mohamed Chibani authored
      When hosting a conference a video session and video mixer are
      created regardless if the video enabled state in account settings.
      The video enable/disabled in the account settings must be applied
      to the created conferences as well.
      Gitlab: #646
      Change-Id: Iddd72e9056974e50041e693dd964420557c6c331
    • Mohamed Chibani's avatar
      SIPAccount - rework contact header · f82f7abd
      Mohamed Chibani authored
      - extend the scope of contact string
      - protect with a mutex
      - simplify contact address and header rewrite
      in SIP account.
      Gitlab: #633
      Change-Id: I413261bb4e9cb80bf37b8c69d3a4cd7506b6a58b
  2. 26 Oct, 2021 2 commits
  3. 25 Oct, 2021 9 commits
  4. 24 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  5. 23 Oct, 2021 6 commits
  6. 22 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Sébastien Blin's avatar
      conversation_module: fix needsSyncingWith · a0a0f830
      Sébastien Blin authored
      If a conversation is not cloned, when detecting a new presence,
      needsSyncingWith MUST return true if one conversation needs to be
      cloned. Else, it will result in an infinite syncing.
      Change-Id: I3a9bcab9f8a845161ceac7d75d8842f8b338ed57
  7. 21 Oct, 2021 3 commits
    • Mohamed Chibani's avatar
      SIPCall - trigger a re-invite on media source change · d2a833db
      Mohamed Chibani authored
      Changing the media source of a media stream (video in particular)
      must trigger a reinvite.
      Since currently we do not support changing video properties (resolution
      in particular) in the same media session, any changes in the video
      properties must trigger a re-invite to restart the media locally and on
      the remote peer.
      Gitlab: #653
      Change-Id: Ibd6192135d272908963cfbc585bec95c66881a28
    • Sébastien Blin's avatar
      conversationRequest: fix testRemoveConversationRemoveSyncing · 932bf818
      Sébastien Blin authored
      acceptTrustRequest will set the conversation as ready.
      removeConversation should be done after
      Change-Id: I966cc2142d00bda880d63f11c52c36faceb11aa7
    • Sébastien Blin's avatar
      channeled_transport: connect setOnRecv when ready to receive data · 09f143cc
      Sébastien Blin authored
      A ChannelSocket can starts to receive datas while waiting acceptance
      for the channel. In this case, received datas will be injected when
      setOnRecv will be called on the channel.
      However, in channeled_transport, setOnRecv injects data to pjsip and
      is handled by the SIPVoIPLink where transaction_request_cb will retrieve
      the infos via the transports_. This means, that, in order to successfully
      handle data, we MUST inject data when transports_ is correct.
      In this patch, SipTransportBroker::getChanneledTransport is modified
      to connect the callbacks after adding the transport to the map and
      inject data in the correct methods.
      This fix sporadic failures for testInviteFromMessageAfterRemoved
      Change-Id: I2767801a9dad77439fb2f2adedbc9b900add8cea
  8. 20 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  9. 19 Oct, 2021 3 commits
  10. 14 Oct, 2021 2 commits
    • Mohamed Chibani's avatar
      SIP - prevent race condition when writing contact header · 0ae5d668
      Mohamed Chibani authored
      The contact header field was stored in a member varialbe of Jami/SIP
      accounts. There was a condition in which the contact header could
      be concurrently accessed by multiple threads. This typically happens
      when terminating calls in batch (when calling hangupCalls() for
      Managment of SIP contact header in Jami and SIP accounts was
      reworked to prevent such race.
      Gitlab: #633
      Change-Id: Ib9295070a5295969bf114ec29e66e36b1c5c5e03
    • Kateryna Kostiuk's avatar
      call: fix pause · 1cff5df8
      Kateryna Kostiuk authored
      GitLab: #644
      Change-Id: Ia2b8e05d6ffbb22336bb284ea9ac5fc292eacb85
  11. 13 Oct, 2021 9 commits
  12. 12 Oct, 2021 1 commit