update submodules

Change-Id: I7ed360762aa24d13fd0d799be251c21aa8af3eba
parent 8b900aa8
client-android @ 195212d0
Subproject commit 59c28d04ca079bf7bb7b9b39b273248901301f2f
Subproject commit 195212d0b3a9351a7ca9808cf0ec987c22d8f96f
daemon @ 9ff4cf0b
Subproject commit 36c6d857289199c6ace3d6e1f6995e25cdcb4b8d
Subproject commit 9ff4cf0b9ccc9e044ece2d6796612ef5eed53c5d
plugins @ 1bbc7cc2
Subproject commit 7bfad26ae4eeb656733d409aa88cf0fcae69d7a5
Subproject commit 1bbc7cc2a5de65e03676a2f372be7c603df86887
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