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misc: add bug report template for Gitlab issues

This adds a "Bug" template that users can select when creating new
issues on Gitlab.

Change-Id: I8b7f17be03a8437b13970c58a7519759f8d94cf9
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Bug report form
## OS
<!-- e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, etc. -->
## Jami daemon version:
<!-- type `/usr/lib/ring/dring -h` into your terminal -->
## Jami GNOME client version:
<!-- type `jami-gnome -v` into your terminal -->
## Where did you get Jami?
<!-- (add an x in between the square brackets to select an option) -->
- [x] My OS package manager (e.g. apt, yum, pacman)
- [ ] I downloaded it from
- [ ] I built it from source using the script
- [ ] I built it from source manually or other (please explain):
## Steps to reproduce bug
<!-- The better your scenario is, the better we will be able to help
you. Please try to describe only one bug here. Open multiple issues
for multiple bugs -->
## What you expect to happen:
## What happens instead:
## Logs
<!-- run
journalctl --since "24h ago" | grep dring
in your terminal -->
## Additional information
<!-- Screenshots/videos/logs/etc
Include a backtrace here if the program is crashing. -->
For more information about getting logs, see
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