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    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      ci: Add a Jenkinsfile to build the packages. · 989da6a3
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      The pipeline code is modernized to use the declarative pipeline DSL of
      Jenkins, and the GNU/Linux package builds now all share the same
      source release archive, which is built from cached contribs tarballs
      when available.
      GitLab: jami-packaging#55
      Change-Id: Id7f37966dd80c36cfa0ebdd461c0ab90505dcd37
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      build: Add support to use cached tarballs for packaging targets. · 01bbc0cc
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      Previously, the only way to ensure a clean release tarball was to
      start from scratch, fetching all the contrib sources from the
      network (> 1 GiB).  This change leverages the new 'list-tarballs'
      targets of the contrib build system to allow reusing the relevant
      tarballs from the cache when available, which translates to faster
      It also constructs the pristine source release archive via
      git-archive, which guards against including unwanted files.  Since
      only the required tarballs are included in the source archive, its
      size is reduced from 1.4 GiB to 72 MiB.
      GitLab: jami-packaging#55
      Change-Id: I4993b269f3b97f6a4b6b8592aa8b5f4eb5448943
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      .gitignore: Rename the ring pattern to jami. · 161b3647
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      Also add packages to .dockerignore, as this output directory can grow
      to multiple GiBs.
      Change-Id: I17b8b0a6d7be535d888232952c346b45c3224eb1
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      deploy: Do not generate a bogus options file in the repository. · c8c6be0e
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      It was recording the Jenkins build workspace, which cannot be useful:
        root@jami-repovm-01:/srv/repository/ring/nightly# find -name options -exec cat {} +
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@2/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_20.10
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@6/ring-project/repositories/debian_9
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@2/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_17.04
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@5/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_20.04
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@4/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_16.04
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@2/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_17.10
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@6/ring-project/repositories/raspbian_10
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_19.04
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_18.04
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@4/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_18.10
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic@4/ring-project/repositories/debian_10
        basedir /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic/ring-project/repositories/ubuntu_19.10
      Change-Id: I3b50d78c8b2c084e2e510f5b37958762db9ff185
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      build: Streamline the make-packaging-target script output. · b417a625
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      Repeating N times the same docstring hampers readability.  Output it
      once as the generated file header.
      Change-Id: Id5ae8caa35f478919a2233754b17db15a29e2cd0
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      packaging: Do not purge cached tarballs on every packaging target invocation. · a242f991
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      Some tarballs are expensive to generate.  It's useful to be able to
      reuse those.  The cleanup is moved to the clean target.
      Change-Id: Ibe2b379be60dbb4b5c4eea9f0eeae4be84ccdb16
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      maint: Remove the qemu-static hack. · a233b433
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      This hack is no longer necessary.  The Jenkins nodes are running Docker 19.
      Change-Id: I8e41e1295a49ebe48b2fca9fa6c91158f49f16c9
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      maint: Remove packaging files for EOL distributions. · 8462564e
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      Debian 9 packaging is removed as well, not because it is EOL, but
      because it doesn't have the runtime required to run Jami (the daemon
      requires C++17 but GCC 6 in Debian stretch doesn't support it).
      A 'list-package-targets' Make target is also added; it'll be used by
      the CI.
      Change-Id: I87a26b14ea48bd17ebccb536f23a5f2637f28743
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      packaging/debian: Rename variables to use JAMI instead of RING. · 0a269664
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      Change-Id: Ibfe20a56db762a844ed458d4bea1331051e0f0b5
    • Maxim Cournoyer's avatar
      Rename Makefile.packaging to Makefile. · 627d63b9
      Maxim Cournoyer authored
      Rename Makefile.packaging to Makefile, as it's the only one.
      Makefile.packaging symlinks to it, to preserve backward compatibility
      for now.
      Change-Id: I136d01342e9779e9bb7a21b22dd10f54b6ac7064
  15. 25 Feb, 2021 1 commit
  16. 17 Feb, 2021 1 commit
    • Amin Bandali's avatar
      snap: fix build · f5bba58e
      Amin Bandali authored
      Restore required packages, and also add missing -DENABLE_STATIC=true
      for client-qt.
      Change-Id: I49997afa01109e1326ec06f06051504311f8471f