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<summary>Privacy oriented voice, video and chat platform.</summary>
<summary>Privacy-oriented voice, video, chat, and conference platform</summary>
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Peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted audio/video calling, conference, screen sharing, file sharing and messaging application with a distributed architecture that can also be used as a SIP client.
An end-to-end encrypted secure and distributed voice, video, and
chat communication platform that requires no central server and
leaves the power of privacy and freedom in the hands of users.
Jami supports the following key features:
<li>One-to-one conversations</li>
<li>File sharing</li>
<li>Audio calls and conferences</li>
<li>Video calls and conferences</li>
<li>Screen sharing in video calls and conferences</li>
<li>Recording and sending audio messages</li>
<li>Recording and sending video messages</li>
<li>Functioning as a SIP phone software</li>
Client applications for GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android,
and Android TV are available, making Jami an interoperable and
cross-platform communication framework.
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